Dr Thomas RogersDr. Thomas Roger’s Inspiration for OMI

As a young boy, I watched my father come home from our family business enthusiastic and in an upbeat mood. He felt excited about life’s possibilities. His company and operations thrived in a robust, expanding economy. As years passed, I observed different business cycles and the effects on my Dad as he worked long hard hours. Responsibility rested on his shoulders as he addressed the unending challenges facing his company. By his example, he taught me to continually learn and find better ways to help the business. I also gained a sense of responsibility and a commitment to service. I learned consideration of everyone and everything and to live a life of possibility.

Much has changed in business practices since my childhood. Barely even a seed of thought then, Quantum Physics is the core of my work today. I bring the power of consciousness and energy to address and help resolve the profound challenges and goals of corporations.

Throughout my life and career, I have searched for new and effective ways to serve others, both personally and professionally. Today, with the development of OMI, I feel the same excitement my Dad once shared with me. I offer a viable, result-oriented service. My system of assessment and modification rewires and renovates the entire energetic infrastructure of a business for improved results.

OMI introduces highly effective technology and scientific-based models powerfully addressing the missing unseen components that allow a company to bridge to the next levels of success.

Keep in mind that today, many highly used technologies function at an invisible level. They perform without our having to understand how. We all enjoy invisible level technologies such as radio waves, microwaves, television images sent through satellite, web computer communication, cellular wireless and electricity. OMI belongs to this invisible genre as a unique, effective service for the business community.

OMI’s system bypasses old ways of introducing change and proceeds via quantum physics directly to consciousness and to the very heart and soul of a business.


Ideal OMI clients:

  • operate their business with all they know and stretch to achieve their company’s goals and visions.

  • attempt problem-solving and the solving has not eliminated all of their concerns.

  • expand their framework of thinking towards innovative approaches and new possibilities, expecting more growth and greater success.

  • value and promote the morale and spirit of their company.

  • extend their trust and commitment in the technology OMI provides them.

We choose our clients based upon their commitments, the positive intention they hold, their market potentials, the nature of the products/services offered, and their beneficial contribution to life. We work with established businesses and corporations grossing from 1 million to 3 billion/year and we selectively assist smaller companies including start-ups.

As President of OMI, I provide an improved energetic environment for a company’s growth, vitality, prosperity and success as a measure of my own company’s success. I offer this with confidence. A company’s expanding success is enhanced with creative imagination, wisdom and utilization of OMI’s scope of resources and energetic training. The larger the goals, the more OMI’s system responds to achieve them. Additionally, I promise assistance in reducing a company’s internal confusion while providing a “backdrop” for its growth.


I commit to:

  • support a company’s intention to prosper, work diligently on their behalf, and keep their highest interests in mind always.

  • keep them informed throughout our business relationship.

  • listen with my full attention on how best to support them.

  • follow-up on all inquiries, insights and actions taken to assist in the attainment of their company’s goals.

  • bring an incredible advantage that naturally boosts a company’s success and expansion.

With OMI, a company will experience further aligning of its resources, mission and goals toward outcomes envisioned and communicated. Knowing every company to have specific identity and patterns, business owners and management can absolutely expect and depend on me to deliver a well-developed, tailored approach for OMI support.

I feel excited offering OMI’s services as we pioneer new frontiers necessary for businesses desiring to expand their success. After OMI initiates its attunement procedures, changes emerge with time. Companies notice empowered and ‘on-purpose’ attributes showing itself within management and employees.

If your company is ready for a quantum leap, OMI opens the door. Your agreement and readiness opens it wider. Envision your company doing better than you ever expected and OMI as the catalyst that makes it happen. Join us…


~ Thomas Rogers, DC