Learn how your company can reach its optimal potential. Find out the answers to the questions most frequently asked:

  1. Where are you located?

OMI is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA.


  1. How long have you been in business?

Since 2005. The intellectual technology that has enabled OMI to accomplish its results was developed in 2002.


  1. Do you offer plans, trial periods or money back guarantees?

Yes, due to the time and reinforcement energetics often required for manifestation, OMI typically recommends an initial 3, 4 or 6 attunement sessions over a period of 3 to 6 months.

If you and your company are not 100% happy with what you have experienced from your first contact up to and through the end of your first session with our company, OMI offers your company a money back guarantee.


  1. How do I get started? 

Once you are accepted as an OMI client we schedule an appointment. We require some paperwork for your first appointment. This work guides you through defining your mission, vision, tagline, short and long term goals and perceived obstacles.


  1. What is your Complementary Goal Analysis about and who qualifies?

OMI offers a private confidential 15 – minute complimentary phone consultation at which time it will look at one of your company’s goals and show many current relationships which relate to your goal. Questions may be asked at this time. This offers a valuable insight into the OMI process and is designed to help you become better acquainted with OMI’s revolutionary new method of creating greater potential for your company. Qualifications are size of business, sincerity of the request and intentions behind the business.


  1. What is your typical client company profile? How large must my business be to utilize your services? 

Most are grossing annually from a low of $200-$700,000 up to $100-200 million and higher. Our client companies appreciate the value of having energetic alignment and flow to assist their company’s outflow and accomplishments. We also have some start-up companies, both capitalized and under capitalized, as well as those earning under $200,000 per year. Many start-ups choose OMI at the beginning so as to start out right. On occasion OMI has offered special considerations in support of junior business clients grossing under $100,000.


  1. shutterstock_93566188Who are some of your clients?

There are a number of clients listed on OMI’s website under the “Testimonials” tab. Categories of businesses OMI has supported over the years include:

  • restaurants,
  • consultants,
  • dental clinics,
  • medical offices,
  • geriatric home care,
  • acupuncture clinics,
  • real estate companies,
  • investment companies,
  • non-profit organizations,
  • credit service companies,
  • film and theatre entrepreneurs,
  • advertising support companies,
  • medical supply sales companies,
  • brain state technology companies,
  • printing and marketing companies,
  • colleges in alternative healing fields,
  • internet based marketing companies,
  • chiropractic clinics and rehab centers,
  • retail companies within various fields,
  • conscious capitalism based businesses,
  • telecommunication and ISP companies,
  • conscious media network related businesses,
  • financial traders & marketers of trading systems,
  • natural food retailers, manufactures and wholesalers,
  • network marketing companies and individuals within network-marketing companies,


  1. Whom else do you serve?

We work with individual company executives and employees who chose to work with OMI independently from their employer. We do OMI sessions for very specific business situations such as real estate transactions, lawsuits and mergers. We offer individual advertisement optimizations to increase the potential market response to your ad programs (some companies have chosen this as an entry-level connection with OMI). And, we work with individuals seeking new employment or transitioning from one career to their next career.


  1. What is the cost?

Costs vary depending on type of plan selected and whether the company is defined as a start-up, junior business or ongoing business. OMI also has rate structures for land development projects and real estate transactions where the intention is sale or purchase. OMI also has rate structures for ad campaigns and launches as well as employee-only focus and individual executive focus where significant work can be done to provide changes for these people.


  1. Are there arrangements for time payments through installments? 

Yes, some companies do ask for time payments. OMI policy allows for 3 payments within 3 months pertaining to any package of visits selected. We do charge a fee per payment for extending the payments.



  1. FAQ_GalaxyblueHow is your company different from other consulting companies?

Companies are made up of people. What we know through the study of quantum physics is that all matter (people included) is made up of energy. In addition to analyzing the mission statement, vision and goals of a company, OMI works at the quantum level of a company. It gets right into working with the energetics responsible for much of what manifests as output.

  • OMI sessions align and attune your company goals and we use scalar technology for reinforcement of each session.
  • OMI does not rely on positive motivational type events and mental theories.
  • OMI draws upon quantum fields and quantum physics principles.
  • OMI technology is unique in that it addresses a company much like a patient.
  • OMI sees what needs to be brought into awareness for the changes and adjustments to be made.


  1. How will this work for me? 

Our research was initially done by working with companies without charge. This period was definitive for launching OMI into the public arena and into the world neighborhood. OMI helps further align goals, vision, mission and intentions while reducing interference and resistance in often quite spectacular ways. Quantum potentials get activated for greater flow in manifestation. We do not promise instantaneous results, especially after just one initial session, though some clients have had this experience. Most companies have many areas which can be addressed over time within their “energetic infrastructure.” We are very careful to point out that a true test of what OMI can contribute to your business usually requires some time and work in order to reveal/change/see what takes place. The big idea here is to lay more extensive groundwork for increasing the possibility of more flow within and without the company; all translating to more success for you.


  1. Your business attunements are all on the telephone, how does that work?

One of the ways OMI sessions work is by increasing awareness and allowing for changes in consciousness to occur. This does not require face-to-face proximal placement. Therefore, distance is not an issue. The universe is non-local. From the higher perspective, space does not actually exist and communication takes place on many levels of life, including the invisible forms. We meet on a conference line to efficiently and effectively conduct each session focused upon the goals and all changes intended (“transformed-to state”). We have had the entire board of directors attend or as few as one key designated person, often the President/owner or their assistant.


  1. How much time and work will I have to allocate to this process? How long is a session? 

One to two hours for the initial intake paperwork fulfillment. One to one and one-half hours for the initial and all subsequent sessions as they take place. We also have the Optimal Outcome Exercise that many companies choose to complete. This requires another hour or two of visioning work and writing about you and your company.


  1. How many sessions are usually recommended or indicated?

The number of initial sessions is usually 3, 4, or 6; often one per month. After the conclusion of the initial group of sessions, testing is done to determine if there would be further recommendations. Many companies choose to continue due to the support they receive and due to the principle that they now choose to have a more optimal alignment at different juncture points in the course of the business. Other clients receive what was needed and are complete. Each situation with each client is different.


  1. Who participates in the sessions?

Those who participate include the OMI Facilitator and a designated surrogate for the company (often the CEO or a designated appointee). Frequently, other key individuals within the company, including board members, are included as participants.


  1. I understand that I will receive an Attunement Summary after each session. What does it entail?

Yes, there will be a multi-page report generated that will include five to fifteen colored bar graphs to summarize your session. Areas involved cover Mission, Vision, Intentions, Short Term and Long Term Goals, Bandwidth for Financial Success, Optimal Business Template, Company Qualities Most Admired, Foundational Principles, Efficacy Statements, and Special Comments. OMI sends these reports via email.



  1. I just cannot understand how this works, is it important that I do?

It is not important that you understand how OMI works in order to derive benefit from the sessions. This has been proven over and over by others with the very same questions as you. What is important, however, is to be open, receptive and on board, as this process requires your participation to assure greater probability for the changes and successes intended. After matriculating into and through the OMI process and after several or more sessions are completed, you will likely have a much better understanding of how OMI works. TV, computers, cell phones and 4G networks are not usually understood by many, yet they serve us all nicely. So does OMI.


  1. What is the value of attuning my company goals? How can that bring changes for my company?

The true value lies in the fact that many of the subconscious blockages, potential sabotaging factors, interferences, illusions and confusions are energetically released. Your goals consequently have less resistance and much greater positive potential and flow with which to manifest. With each session, a great many of these “informational fault structures” are accessed and brought into correction; enhancing alignment of your company with its goals, vision, mission, and much more. With the power of the OMI system, energetic change takes place, allowing greater attunement of all people, places and things within the business, as well as with the Business Entity. Another result is a greater attunement between the Business Entity and the Source of Creation and the consciousness of prosperity, abundance, flow, success, and vitality. We utilize and attune your business to many positive foundational principles in order to bring the goals to their highest possible state.


  1. What’s this going to do to solve my problem?

When your company is highly aligned to its Goals, Mission and Vision to the degree and extent that OMI is able to do, we are collectively now focusing on the “transformed to state”, focusing on collapsing quantum potential from infinite possibility into an outcome envisioned and energetically more aligned to manifest. Problems are always solved from a higher state and never from the state to which the problem is born. This is much more easily addressed due to the fact that OMI works within the perspective and understanding of Quantum Physics. Your problem(s) gets addressed within the OMI attunement session.


  1. What does clarity have to do with anything if all my personnel have my vision, mission and their respective goal statements memorized?

You can memorize goals, mission and vision, but it is not a substitute and not the same as being optimally energetically aligned to the highest degree possible. There is a significant difference. Have you ever noted that someone saying affirmations keeps repeating them over and over? Yes, more grooves and synapses are carved into the mind patterns which is helpful, but resistance can still linger. The OMI correction process is deep, quick, thorough, usually more durable, and very helpful to the cause of collapsing the quantum potential.


  1. Are there any effects over and above increased profits?

Yes, there are many effects including but not limited to greater harmony, morale and spirit within the company, elevated mood, productivity, employee commitment, more flow within the technology of the company, as well as elimination of geopathic faults within the physical land and buildings occupied. In other words, more flow with all people, places and things, both tangible and intangible.


  1. Do my employees need to be informed before doing this?

No, it is not necessary. However, many employers show excitement and share the company participation with OMI. We also have energetic assessment release forms which allow for an employee to become aware of the OMI attunements and give consent to participate should it prove helpful to specifically focus on that person(s) during the upcoming sessions. If that is known in advance by the employer, this information could be gathered prior to the first session with intent to specifically include key people. Otherwise, OMI focuses on the BECS (Business Entity Control System) and all else is addressed through the larger view. Paint with a broad brush first and then narrow down to the specific individuals as is needed.


  1. Do you offer support materials (video, brochures, etc.) to educate my employees about this process?

The release referred to in the last question has book references and short descriptions of OMI within it. They can also watch the video interviews of Dr. Rogers on CMN. We also have a brochure that gives an overview on OMI and there is much information on the website as well.


  1. If I run a public company, will the Board of Directors and shareholders need to be notified of this process?

Some of the companies we have worked with felt obliged to contact their Board. Others elected to proceed under the authority that they were given to improve business. It is really up to the understandings which have been put into place as to what to do in this regard. I have not seen a situation where all shareholders have been notified unless they are the only owners.


  1. What if I believe in this and my business partner does not, but is willing to go along anyway? Will it still work as well?

Most definitely it can still work. We worked with a large investment advisory service in NYC where only one of the three partners had the awareness that what OMI could do would be effective. We proceeded, working with that partner while the others stayed in the background. It worked. It worked because OMI directly updates and provides corrections with the Business Entity Control System; that sum total of all the conscious and other than conscious forces which collectively create the template and drive a business forward, including human capital.




  1. Do I have to change my beliefs for OMI services to be effective? What if I work with your company but my belief is “questioning things with doubt?” Will it still work or will I ruin the outcome results?

Working with OMI can and does uncover self-limiting beliefs which may hamper alignment to goals and mission. Through the OMI system, the hidden factors surrounding the doubts or beliefs can be addressed with ease in most cases, assisting you to become yet further aligned with the bigger picture. In the beginning, it is a good thing to use discrimination. It helps you make good choices. However, at some point, if you decide to utilize OMI to assist your business, be as open-minded as possible. This would certainly add to effectiveness. Business owners become more on board when they see result-driven manifestations show up. And, don’t worry if there is too much adversity or subconscious resistance, it will become obvious and it can be dealt with in the OMI sessions.



  1. FAQ_Galaxy1How does Quantum Physics relate to helping my company? 

The idea here is that in the quantum fields there are infinite possibilities waiting to come into manifestation. Quantum Physics principles support the notion that what you observe influences how the subatomic particles rearrange themselves from this field and manifest into our reality.

Quantum applications assist your company to move away from alignment to a “transformed-from state” and move toward an alignment to an envisioned “transformed-to state”. This is accomplished by the release of any states, obstacles or resistances which would hinder this process (accomplished though the OMI system).


  1. What exactly does it mean to “attune” my company to its mission and goals?

To attune means to harmonize and align all energies for positive business growth within your company.


  1. What does it mean to collapse the quantum potential?

This understanding comes from the field of quantum physics. OMI’s system focuses attention with knowingness upon collapsing the quantum potential. This helps to eliminate the total system burden blocking manifestation. It is accomplished by clearing the underlying informational fault structures that give rise to those burdens. The “transformed to state” of manifestation can now shine forth with much greater potential for things to happen. What then takes place is a shift from quantum potential into manifestation and our outer reality is changed.


  1. You say you communicate through binary testing to access informational awareness from the Business Entity Control System (BECS). Tell me more about the BECS. 

Each group of individuals that form a purpose together have what is termed a “group entity” that also simultaneously gets created. It is a higher and subtle form of energetic organization that actually learns from the group and feeds back as a collective into the group for assisting its progress. In a business, it is named Business Entity Control System (BECS). With OMI, we have learned how to access and create a dialogue with this entity through binary testing. The value of this lies in the fact that we can access your business and update the BECS where it may have developed confusion (just like individuals experience confusion) and through the OMI system we can update the awareness within the entity and support the intentions for the growth, harmony, desired goals, mission, and outcomes of the business.

Many people have heard the idea that you can make invisible changes first in order to make physical changes within the business. An example would be an architect who first gets the form onto paper drawn to scale for whatever project and then later the physical building occurs. OMI addresses the non-physical energetic forms first and assists the company to have enhanced clarity.


  1. What is scalar and why do you utilize it?

Scalar waves actually emanate from within the depths of zero point energy. Outside of magnitude to some degree, they cannot be measured. However, they convey information beautifully within the Scalar Fields.

After each session, an MP3 is formed from some of the content of the session (including your goals, vision and mission) and it is conveyed through an antenna that fits into your computer or MP3 player headphone jack. The information is then silently replayed in a continuous format and delivered to the business entity being addressed. Distance is no obstacle to effectiveness. The whole purpose is for the reinforcement of each session. Clients have found that this reinforcement is beneficial.


  1. How do scalar waves work in this process?

No one can make claims about how scalar waves work with scientific physical based proof. However, it has been observed by clients that there is a sense of reinforcement from each OMI session toward the intended outcomes by using scalar waves. This is the reason we offer Scalar services. Follow this link to the Gaiam OMI Dr. Thom Rogers’ interview for more details. We have witnessed companies having some very impressive changes and energetic shifts and/or inflow of new energy upon starting up their scalar service.


  1. What are some examples of invisible fields that OMI works with?

OMI works with many types of invisible quantum fields. A “field” could be defined as a state of consciousness, quality, characteristic, or anything that might be visible or invisible that can be named and that has unique composition. In this sense, a goal could be considered a field as could a Foundational Principle helpful for any company to succeed such as Success, Prosperity, Abundance, Persistence, Flow, Wealth and Service, to name a few. The client businesses that OMI works with do get further harmonized and synchronized and aligned energetically to a field’s characteristics. These are some of the gifts that emerge from working with OMI. Click here to see The Conscious Media Network’s first of two interviews with Dr. Thom Rogers for more explanation of fields.


  1. How are things “tested” in OMI sessions to come up with the calibrations?

OMI facilitators use Binary MRT Testing to derive feedback and assessment. It has proven to be reliable while bringing insightful information to guide the attunement process. Most of the universes, worlds and atoms are constructed within a dual nature of opposites: a polar of plus and minuses or 1’s and 0’s. The machine code at the root of a computer works off of 1’s and 0’s. Muscle testing (and many shades of far more subtle testing) work from the on/off polarity of strength and weakness. All waveforms have high and low amplitudes, all working from polarities. Any device that reads information has these underlying polarities at work.

It has been discovered that, in addition to being able to test physical phenomena say within the body, for instance, there is the basis of testing semantically with the mind and getting responses back that are in yes/no or on/off formats. The key here is focused attention with accurate testing methods (including learning to avoid influencing the testing) so as to get the best information. It has proven to be a way of receiving innate information which can then, in turn, be used practically to accomplish greater results and awareness leading to positive changes for the business.


  1. Is this testing accurate?

Though subjective, it renders adequate and helpful feedback to support each attunement session to accomplish its objective. The principle relied on here is to access the inborn intelligence within our lives and the lives of our companies so that greater awareness streams forth and greater access within the universe of the quantum potentials may take place.


  1. You have mentioned “pathways” in your blog a couple times. Just what are these and how would they help my business to prosper? 

Pathways assist any type of business to move into higher attunement with its goals and mission as well as alignment and resonance with Foundational Principles. Pathways are bodies of knowledge consisting of query and corrective statements to bring greater awareness to and less confusion within your Business Entity Control System (BECS). This in turn assists overall success. Pathways are an important key in why OMI is able to do what it does effectively.



  1. What is the Total System Burden (TSB) and why do you query for that metric with each of my goals?

The TSB can be applied to many aspects within a company. It represents the resistance a goal carries within the company to be most fully aligned and realized. The metric is measured in a log format starting from log 1 and ranging to log 999. The ideal is to get it to log zero or as close to zero as possible. This is accomplished by working with the informational fault structures that are queried and corrected within the OMI process. Many times, company goal burdens are near or above the log 900-level. This means there is high resistance. Life offers forth resistance and the key is to learn the law of economy in minimizing the resistance to open up greater potential for the success of each goal to take place.


  1. Define “resistance” as it relates to my company’s capacity to reach its goals and stay true to our mission.

“Resistance” represents the obstacles and adversities or unconsciousness that exist within a company, within its goals and mission and within the life process of the company. It usually have to be dealt with in one way or another. One of the reasons persistence is such a necessary attribute to have is due to the element of resistance. Resistance can slow down a goal’s manifestation or even block it from manifestation. The same rationale applies regarding the mission. Please see #44 for more understanding on this subject.


  1. What exactly are “informational faults” and how does OMI “flush out” faults in the system?

Informational Faults, in essence, represent some type of alteration in awareness that distills down to illusionary constructs which are misaligned and compromise individuals and businesses from experiencing more fully the flow of Life. They compromise the business to a greater or lesser degree in all areas. Some of these include incongruent synaptic patterns affecting awareness. There are cognitive valuation faults where something is there but you cannot see it or you are seeing something that is not what it appears to be.

There are internal and external cell memory and communication faults which compromise potential. There are entrainment patterns in which the BECS is caught up. There are delusions of consciousness, as well as faults that involve interference from other people, organizations, energetics, ancestral, miasm, and many more. Morphic field perturbations within the business or among other people, places and things in conjunction with the business are very prevalent.

There are many more and the explanations could take up pages. Suffice it to say that the clearing and correction of these structures is paramount to the changes we are able to make. Drawing from Quantum fields and intention, the faults are corrected to yield greater flow and potential for business success.


  1. What is meant by the term “energetics” in the quote “We Optimize the Energetics of Business Success”?

Energy is atoms and molecules in motion. It implies a “dynamic quality, vigorous exertion of power, and a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work”.

The term “energy” can refer to invisible form that is waiting to become visible. Fields that are quantum in nature come out of the energy worlds. Even at still points within the universe, there is teeming activity going on underneath in the invisible below the still point. Many have heard the expression: “As above, so below.” It means that the energy can be worked with before it condenses into form in the physical world. OMI primarily works with different energies, including foundational concepts, structure, beliefs, illusions and thought fields, in such a way as to provide positive changes which lead to positive potential outcomes in the physical plane. The key here is that invisible resistances and obstacles become less and less of an influence on the company.

It sounds to some a little “out there.” In truth though, it is simple, basic and helpful to the company. Most clients come to their own understanding of this with time and sessions.




  1. How quickly will I notice change in my business? Are the results instantaneous? You had some testimonials on your website mentioning companies getting quick results.

The energetic levels of changes are almost always instantaneous. As far as the degree and timing it takes to translate into physical results, this varies with each client. We usually work with vision, mission, and both long and short-term goals. Naturally, the long-term goals may take longer but even with these, we have seen some goals happen so much faster than expected with companies – much to everyone’s delight.

The short-term goals may be a fairer assessment vantage point. As mentioned elsewhere, these can and often do have speeded up outcome. The timing of how the Universe delivers a manifestation from the quantum fields has many considerations and aspects; especially if working for the good of the whole.

We have learned to be patient while continuing to hold focus within the imagination “as if” the goal has already manifested. If it takes longer, perhaps due to lessons and preparations required in order to handle the new inflow of creation, then it is worth everyone’s awareness to remain patient while expecting the proposed outcomes. Using the Scalar Reinforcement Service will help to boost the energetics of each session as well.

Many of our customers have experienced immediate changes within the first couple sessions. Our experience is that patience and doing the work to make the inner preparations and changes are necessary. The intent is usually for growth and with that being said, things usually happen as they are meant to occur in order for the intention to get realized. The important thing is the optimization of all the potential that can be optimized. The rest is left to the marketing, the alignment, your choices and time. The optimization is so helpful in overcoming resistance that would normally set in and then become blockages. Bottom line: allow time and be patient. Whatever can change will do so in its own time and in its own way. For you, just keep doing what you can from your end to keep your company moving forward.


  1. If there is change that is positive, how long will it last?

On the highest level of truth, Time is an illusion. However, to be fair, from the reality of looking through time and space from our day-to-day experience, there are often durable changes meaning that many of the changes do persist. It is important to remember that we are working toward the “transformed-to” states and letting go of the “transformed-from” states. We are literally removing the total system burdens (resistances) that compromise the transformation of your goals. In the worlds of energy where invisible changes need and do take place before the manifestations and changes show up here, we are literally moving mountains. There is much durability. The proof of this is not only the outer changes that get noticed and experienced, but also the percentages and logarithmic scales that we revisit session after session. Many customers become less concerned with the past changes because they start looking to the future changes they envision to occur with the assistance of OMI.


  1. Is this true and will it be true for me if I use your service?

We have the intention that each company receives the results that are the highest and best for them. We remain committed to this outcome.

Our system has great power and drive to assist in accomplishing results. We form a team with you and your company as a supportive co-member and work with you to bring about change. We also recognize that it is up to Life as to what results show up.


  1. I have a great product ready to launch, can your protocols help this become successful?

The answer is “yes”. We have worked with companies in this situation and they have experienced success with their launches.


  1. I have a new product in my company that is not being accepted by the market place as of yet. We plan to focus our efforts and resources to enable its success. Can OMI help us?

Yes, OMI can help move this product into greater resonance with the intended markets. It can increase the probability of success by first optimizing the goals and intentions behind the product and second, by running certain pathways to harmonize this concept and product with the outside world. There are other pathways which may also show up including morphic fields. OMI has helped other companies with this very intention in mind. OMI also works specifically with the optimization of ads.


  1. I am a network marketer; can this system increase my sales?

Our system brings every benefit towards potential sales increase. When optimization takes place, sales and recruitment have a much better chance to grow. If you take the weeds and poisons out of a garden, then add warmth, light, water, nutrients and care, you usually have a much better garden. OMI offers a better environment from which things can grow with more ease.



  1. Is this just for businesses or can it help me attain my own personal goal?

OMI is set up to address businesses. We have, from time to time, added individual goals where appropriate in light of the synergy of the business. However, if a person desires to work primarily with their personal goals, please call the office for information on how some of the same technology we use creating OMI can be used to assist individuals at scaled individual rates.


  1. Is it possible to use this system in my department to maximize our productivity and efficiency?

Yes it is. OMI can focus on any or all levels/departments/divisions within a company. The main thing from the beginning is to define the focus for the sessions. Everything else proceeds from there.


  1. If my business is successful already, why would I bother with this?

Most businesses, even while going strong and having positive growth, are always looking for the next growth opportunity. OMI may be just the factor needed to access the 1-2% further potential lying dormant within your company; its constituent subsets may be just the thing needed to jump your company to the next level!


Questions you should ask:


  1. What does my company look like when it’s in 100% Alignment?

If you could see with your inner vision, you would see light happening in some amazing ways beyond what our words can communicate.
Outwardly, when a company is in high alignment, there is usually a good flow, new life coming into the business, more synchronicity taking place, employee or owner morale is improved and a spark within the business can be palpable. A stronger intention is formed. The Business Entity Control System has far less confusion and a higher awareness of purpose and focus. The company’s goals can more readily come into being. There is less resistance to financial inflow and growth. Often, hope returns if it was absent. Things can go better, there are more opportunities to work through the resistances to get to a better place. Often, owners express a feeling like they are receiving invisible gifts or support within their businesses. Sometimes it just takes a few moments for something major to open up, for a shift to occur.



  1. FAQ_ShuttleHow much clarity of mission and goals can OMI help me manifest throughout my entity?

OMI’s goals for each business are 100% clarity. Clarity means the company or individual functions without distortions and encumbrances. Clarity means there is 100% alignment. Clarity means there is 100% awareness of realization of the vision, mission and goals. Clarity means 100% of the BECS and the individuals within the company are inwardly and collectively aligned to the highest degree possible toward the company’s intentions.


  1. How does the OMI process create efficiency and reduce complexities and confusion among the components of a company? 

The OMI process reduces perturbations among the morphic fields of all people places and things within the business. OMI corrects informational faults and aligns more of the aspects of the company with the Source and Consciousness of Success.

Have you ever heard of several grandfather clocks being placed into the same room and, after awhile, they tick-tock together? How is that possible? It is the way the universe encourages it. A company with more harmony and a happier mood often finds ways to become more efficient. OMI lends a helpful hand to support this intention through its process.


  1. Is it really true that my mission and vision statements guide the unfoldment of my company and how does OMI help this process? 

Yes, it is true. OMI looks at the degree of attunement your mission and vision represents in terms of percentage of optimal alignment. Secondly, it also looks at the degree of realization of the mission and vision in these same terms. Thirdly, OMI looks at the total system burden that is keeping the objectives of the company vision and mission from being more fully realized. We query and scan for the informational fault resistance structures underlying these numbers and, with the intention of updating fully the awareness of the Business Entity Control System to these less-than-optimal alignments, we proceed by initiating corrections of the fault structures to move towards 100% alignment.


  1. I have a colleague who runs another business and I believe s/he might be interested in your service. What should I share with him/her to better educate them about what you do?

Show them our website and let them know we provide a 15 – 20 minute goal analysis that is private and complimentary. They can call us at 512-282-6628. The key of OMI is that it can help to rearrange the energetic aspects of each business in order to provide a higher potential for the successful manifestation of goals, mission, vision, accomplishments, and flow. The Five Foundational Pillars of OMI are Quantum Physics, Scalar Services, Neuro-Modulation, Intention, and Morphic Fields.


  1. If I could understand better about how it works, it would help me to learn about your company and perhaps recommend it. Do you have a book or something I could read?

Currently, we have transcripts of an interview or two on our website as well as some video and audio interviews. The book has yet to be written. Many reference books are also mentioned on our website. Perhaps these Q and A’s can also help a little. We will also work with you on the phone to know more if it would prove helpful in referrals. Your intention can fulfill itself. Stay in touch.


  1. What if I want or need more than the designated attunements, is there a discount?

Yes, our fee structure is set up with savings in mind beginning from the initial series and extending to OMI clients who wish to continue utilizing OMI services.


  1. After my business goals have been achieved, is the process over?

If you have no further goals, no further purpose or mission to accomplish,

no further improvements within your company to make, and you are experiencing “smooth sailing,” then no. But, there are very few companies who are ever satisfied with status quo.
Many companies find it advantageous to periodically allow OMI to reattune and assist growth, flow and development. Regular OMI infusions can go a long way for a company.


  1. What can I do to enhance the power of manifestation in my business?

Between the first and second sessions we assign a powerful optional exercise, which is most helpful. We also give a very good tip on how to work with the summary you will receive. Focusing as if all goals are happening within the quantum fields is very supportive for the process. Having good programs in place to market and attract the client base that brings income to your company should be ongoing so that Life has a chance to find bridges and attract interest in your company and support the awareness that is steadily building from the sessions.

Playing the MP3 reinforcement file we send with the scalar antenna has been very helpful according to feedback from most of our customers. Keeping an open mind and working cooperatively with the OMI facilitator really helps.

In the realm of quantum fields, we affect and help bring into being that on which we focus our attention. And, since there really is no separation in life within the truth of truths, we really are what we observe as well!


  1. Please share with me more understanding about the innate universal intelligence embodied within OMI that brings transformation and assistance to its clients’ businesses. 

Firstly, whenever you work within the concepts of vitalistic, living energetics and use quantum models, you are working with Life Principles and likely to be much closer to touching the fabric of the innate intelligence within the universe.

The system of technology underlying what we do comes in large measure from a system based upon Neuro Modulation. The premise of the intellectual technology underlying what we do includes awareness. There is almost always some part of our Self that is aware of something that has taken place or that exists within us or is in accessibility state by us. We ask if there is some part that is aware. Once we get an affirmative answer through testing, we then ask if all parts of ourselves are aware.

The answer is almost always “no.” Then, we ask if we can make all parts aware of what a few parts or even one part of ourselves is aware of, and if we can perpetuate that awareness. Once we gain permission, we do a neurological update and voila, now all parts are aware of that something. Once awareness jumps to that level, Life can start to make self-adjustments as the control systems are now updated and informed of an area where there has been previous confusion. It’s sort of like something goes into a queue waiting and waiting to get its chance to be resolved. Then it gets resolved.

When we are focused on and working with a particular aspect of a person’s physical health it can be acted upon by the great reorganizing aspects within the nerve and control systems of that person’s body. When we are working with a particular aspect of a business, the central Business Entity Control System (BECS) can act upon the new awareness and positively affect the entire organizational structure which it helps to guide and support.

We also have eloquent pathways designed to query the BECS as to what it knows and does not know about the company’s goals, vision and mission. Then, utilizing whatever is learned, the pathway includes corrective statements to again allow the intelligent design to express and handle the corrections. We also, as mentioned earlier, focus on the “Transformation-To States” and draw upon the quantum fields to reorganize atoms and electrons toward the new fields of intention to manifest goals, etc. All this helps to assist transformation within your business.


  1. Do you, as facilitator, have a clear intellectual and intuitive understanding of what you are doing in the session itself?

Yes, it is an absolute prerequisite that we have such clarity for it all to work.


  1. What accounts for OMI to be able to do what it does?

Part of the understanding for this question comes to light when you hold an awareness of the truth that microscopic actions and intentions of focused individuals, such as the facilitators for OMI, have power to guide, direct and impact the energetics of a company’s success and bottom line.



  1. Are the results permanent?

Life is always changing in the energetic worlds as well as here in the physical world that we live in. We do see high durability over time with regard to results. However, due to the flux and nature of change to which all businesses are subject, we do recommend periodic attunement sessions after the initial series or two to help keep things on track with the highest possible alignment for your company.