Restaurants, consultants, dental clinics, medical offices, geriatric home care, acupuncture clinics, real estate companies, investment companies, non profit organizations, credit service companies, film and theatre entrepreneurs, advertising support companies, medical supply sales companies, brain state technology companies, printing and marketing companies, colleges in alternative healing fields, internet based marketing companies, chiropractic clinics and rehab centers, retail companies within various fields, conscious capitalism based businesses, telecommunication and ISP companies, conscious media network related businesses, financial traders & marketers of trading systems, natural food retailers, manufactures and wholesalers, network marketing companies and individuals within network marketing companies.

Businesses of All Types // Medical & Health Care Practices // Holistic Health Care Practices// Entrepreneurs // Financiers // Insurance Agents // Manufacturers // Contractors // Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Transactions // Retail // Wholesale // Technology // Non-Profits // Service Industry // Food Service // Film Industry // Green Technology & Environmental Industry // Import-Export // Tel Com Companies // Printing and Marketing Firms

and your business, look to maximize earnings

We also work with individual company executives and employees who chose to work with OMI independently from their employer. We do OMI sessions for very specific business situations such as real estate transactions, lawsuits and mergers. We offer individual advertisement optimizations to increase the potential of market response to your ad programs. And we work with individuals seeking new employment or transitioning from one career to their next career.